Friday, 26 August 2016

Diva Challenge # 281 *ING!

Here is my Diva Challenge tile for challenge # 281 and there she is below, naked!
The Diva's choice was simply ING from Zentangle. When I say simply I'd like to say her choice was design, do your own thing however....having spent the first evening drawing it in lots of forms, willy nilly, no problem, I then lost the plot completely! My very long suffering partner, when he stopped laughing at my frustration, helped me. I talked him through the step outs and that in it's turn reinstated it back into my thick head :) I wrote out a 4 step recipe that works every time!
The reason for the naked before shot is that I have been accepted into a miraculous shading group. If I share my efforts with them they have lots of very kind people who will critique the piece. Everyone is constructive and encouraging, this is priceless to an absolute beginner like me.
So! The tile started to break down badly with colour and shading but I really enjoyed this challenge.
The ING at the top, done with curved lines, looked quite organic to me like something I might dig up in the veggie patch! The bottom one sharper and harder so I wanted the middle one to be a fusion of the two. The web and curve meet the hard angles, a louvre type pattern and then blossoming into a soft floral design (Sanibelle from Tricia Faraone). To the best of my knowledge nothing else needs to be referenced but please do tell me if I've missed something?


  1. I really love your ING! Both of the "edgy" versions have very interesting fillings I haven't seen before and which give a nice effect, it's a great combination! The curvy one was a mystery to me at first but after I took a closer look, I could see how you tangled ING here. Very cleverly done indeed, especially with the curved line fillings! If you really struggled with ING, I would never have guessed so!

    1. I'm sorry I don't know your name :D I truly was tearing my hair out until I 'got' it, then it flowed.Apart from Sanibelle, which is so easy and addictive,I just made up the fill-INGS (sorry lol!) Thank you for your lovely comment :)

  2. A very nice and special tile with beautiful variatons on ING and lovely accents of blue!