Friday, 2 September 2016

Diva Challenge #282..Spill! IAST #160

I'm not someone who normally has any problem whatsoever in making a when The Diva announced her challenge, no problem! Spill anything you like on a tile and tangle, Adele's IAST challenge was a large number 6 string plus Shattuck and Fengle designs. Just put them all together I armed with a handful of tiles I go to the kitchen to spill...
Red wine and real strong coffee, nice colours, I thought. Plenty of mess colours! The tiles must contain a lot of bleaching agent because the spill was barely visible.
Take two..
I have found some watercolour paper recently that my mother bought 28 years ago for a pastels class that she did not enjoy. The paper is not quite white anymore but hey :) Red wine, Adele's string, Shattuck, Fengle and a few recalcitrant Zingers and I'm done. I've had some great advice from Eni Oken lately and feel it's helping my shading a lot.