Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Exchanging "I should" for "I want to".

Exchanging "I should" for "I want to".

 I have collected quite a few brush pens and fineliners now. I kept telling myself that I should make a colour swatch chart as the ink is not always anything like the pen caps. Should, now there's a word, along with 'must' they are guaranteed to make me prevaricate!
After yet another wrong grey I decided to change the should for want :) Then it seemed like fun and not a chore.
I used Helen Williams' Bloom and now have most of my colours for easy reference. When my new inks and watercolours arrive I will think of a way to do a similar thing..very exciting!


  1. Wow - what a fabulous way to do it! This is a work of art in itself!

    In freaky coincidence world I made a swatch of my new paints yesterday - the first time I've ever made the effort to do one - and I really enjoyed it!

    1. It's fun itsn't it when you have the time and the inclination? Then this morning, when I wanted the 'right' red for a challenge, there it was. No rooting through my tins and scribbling on bits of paper :D

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    1. Thanks :) I use it a lot, saves messing around with pens trying to remember what was what..mine tend not to look like the colour on the pen caps.